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Saturday, September 25, 2010

House of Bishops' Pastoral Letter on Immigration

On September 21st, at the conclusion of the Episcopal House of Bishops' meeting in Phoenix, the bishops issued a pastoral letter on immigration based on our baptismal call to respect the dignity of every human being. The bishops acknowledge the complexity of the issues involved while encouraging individual and national responses that treat every person as a beloved child of God. You can read the full text of the pastoral letter here.

The bishops also developed a theological resource paper on migration and immigration, which is available here. Neither the letter nor the resource paper is intended to be a final, conclusive statement; their purpose is to draw us into reflection and conversation about a subject that's currently (and historically) of great concern to many people. Read what the bishops have to say, do your own thinking and praying and exploring, discuss your ideas and questions with others, and consider how your faith calls you to respond.

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