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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update from Belize 7/20

[Thanks to the generosity of many Saint Mark's members, Stephen Hooper-Rosebrook is in Belize from July 17-25, part of a mission team from the diocese volunteering at Holy Cross Anglican School. Please continue to keep him, the other participants, and the school in your prayers.]

We just got access to email! Tell everyone I love them, and that I miss them. I'm missing you, but I'm having tons of fun! On sunday I went scuba diving down to 60-70 ft! We've been working at the school, and also doing swimming stuff. My sunglasses broke today so I'm going to get new ones when we go into town tonight. It's about 100 degrees here and about 90% humidity, and we are working about 100% percent of the time.



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