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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Brief History of St. Mark's Community Camp

For the past eight years, Saint Mark's members and their friends have gone to Catalina Island Camps over Memorial Day weekend. For a bit more than 48 hours, 130 or more of us relax, laugh, build friendships, eat, snooze, and play. A highlight of each weekend is the Talent/No Talent Show on Sunday evening. This year's offerings included a brief history of the trip, including a fashion show of the unique t-shirt from each year. Please share your memories in the blog comment section!

Diane is modeling our inaugural design from 2003. An intrepid group of pioneers set off across the sea, the first from St. Mark’s to discover this island paradise. Evening worship was a challenge, as daylight faded; however, gusty winds blew away our hymn sheets, so not being able to see in the dark didn’t matter much anyway.

Also from our vintage collection, Denise—the t-shirt is vintage, not Denise!—is wearing our red 2004 Pentecost edition. We were joined this year by Olive and Colin Brown, who embraced the environment like a newly discovered New Testament text. At the talent show, Phyllis Bosley led a towel-wrapped troupe of hula dancers, and the Killgore-Kennedy-Lukasiewicz-Von Trapp Family made their debut.

Desiree presents our forest green 2005 design. Our numbers grew as word spread about the fabulous food, fantastic social hours, and roasted-to-perfection marshmallows that had become firmly rooted in camp tradition, and appreciations abounded. Along with our t-shirts, CIC sweatshirts made an increasing impact on the St. Mark’s Sunday morning fashion scene.

The snorkeling lion graced our 2006 shirts, modeled here by Lisa. This was a good year for a fresh t-shirt, as so many of our campers became ill during the roughest crossing in St. Mark’s camp history. We appreciated the smooth return trip all the more, sweetened by ice cream in Two Harbors…after all the luggage had been moved yet again.

Diversity was the theme for Pentecost 2007, as reflected in the variety of our tie-dyed t-shirts, modeled by Gini, Betsy, and Jane. Alice Campbell channeled the Holy Spirit, bringing out our creative impulses! Our de facto camp doctor Mary Herman was invited to use her gifts as well, tending to Isabelle Molebash’s broken arm…though not the arrow to Henry Bartlett’s derriere.

Maura wears the second in the Cardenas series, from 2008, emblazoned with rainbow lettering. We thought we had the early morning routine perfected once the Dillingham’s luggage truck eased our labors; we didn’t count on a lost bus driver adding an extra dose of adventure before we embarked. However, even the drizzle throughout the weekend couldn’t dampen our spirits; another year of the Clean Plate Club, kayak trips to Emerald Bay and an encore of Tom Horner’s inimitable talent show performance kept us entertained and eager to return.

Our 2009 version, in earth tones reminiscent of compost in progress, is worn by Sasquatch…Paul McKinney, for you first time campers. Large pods of dolphins greeted us on our trip to the island, an auspicious sign of a wonderful weekend of creation. Becky Cafferata added beading to the tradition of craft projects, and adventurous hikers made the trek to Two Harbors. For those with more modest ambitions, afternoon naps—facilitated by childcare in the Tot Lot—remained an important element in the weekend.

2010 survivor Nancy models our latest addition to the St. Mark’s line. We continue to marvel in Taki’s ability to convince the Express to come directly into camp, to delight in crafts coordinated by cheerful volunteers, to rejoice in perfect vacation weather, and to thrill in the good food and good company.

It’s never too late to build your collection; be sure to join us Memorial Day weekend next year for the exclusive 2011 camp shirt release!



But...which adults made it to the top of the wall or telephone pole? Did our ilustrious pastor even make the attempt? I was older than she is now & in not nearly as great shape as she is. Inquiring minds need to know.

By Blogger Unknown, at June 1, 2010 at 9:18 PM  

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