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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bishops' Ordinations at the Long Beach Arena

Last Saturday our diocese ordained and consecrated 2 new Bishops Suffragan, Mary Douglas Glasspool and Diane Jardine Bruce. The liturgy was glorious....full of joy and delight, solemnity and celebration. The diversity of our diocese was beautifully evident in the proclammation of the Word, in dance and in song. I was happy so many from Saint Mark's were there to join in the celebration. There were 27 of us present in all! I'm sure all 27 would say that the Holy Spirit was powerfully present as well. I want to express special thanks to the Saint Mark's members who served on Saturday: Karryne Wilson and Katie Perez who sang in the children's choir, Jackie Dwight who prepared them, Stephen Hooper-Rosebrook who took in the event as a member of the press, Terri Jones who sang in the adult choir, and Lynn Marini, Christina Thom and Janis Rosebrook who served as ushers. We can rejoice to belong to a warmly generous parish, a deeply welcoming denomination and a fiercely loving God.

Faithfully yours,
Pastor Carri+

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