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Friday, June 26, 2009

Summertime and the Living is Easy...

The summer months at Saint Mark's are a delightful time of year when the days grow long and lazy...but not too lazy! We have a host of fun fellowship and formation opportunities planned:

Spaghetti Dinner and Game Night - 6/27 @ 5pm
Summer Sunday School - Sundays @ 10:30am
Craft Nights - Tuesdays @ 7pm
The Quakes Game - 7/20 @ 7pm
Tim Rutt's class Outrageous Acts - Mondays @ 7pm starts 6/29
Altadena T & C Independence Day Fireworks - 7/2 @ 8pm
July 4th BBQ - 7/5 @ 10:30am
Men's Fellowship breakfast - Wednesdays @ 7:00am (usually at Fox's)
Summer Choir - Sundays @ 10:30am
ACTS Summer Salads - starting 7/16 and hosted by Saint Mark's on 8/6
Saint Mark's Good-Deed-a-Thon - all summer long, all over the community

check out the Calendar for the full list of activities and further details
    In order to keep things running smoothly all summer long, and in thanksgiving for all of God's blessings, please remember to keep your Saint Mark's pledge payment current. Keeping your pledge current allows the Vestry and Staff to effectively monitor our budgetary situation.

    Please keep in mind that if you place loose cash into the offering plate on Sunday, we are unable to credit your pledge unless we know it's from YOU. If you need pledge envelopes, please let the office know. We are looking into having generic envelopes available in the pews as well.

    Pledges are our most important source of income for mission and ministry, and we are thankful for everyone's commitment to Stewardship throughout the year. However, at the end of May pledge payments were about 10% below budget and we project a $20,000 deficit at years end if pledges are not received as budgeted.

    We recognize that personal circumstances can and do change, and if you need to revise your pledge or payment method, please let the office know so we can adjust the budget accordingly.

    Your Vestry thanks you.

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