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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Time to start thinking about Lent

Many people choose a Lenten discipline, beginning on Ash Wednesday (2/25/09), as a way of growing spiritually in this season and of being consistently reminded of their dependence upon God. You may decide to try giving up something--a favorite food, a bad habit, or a harmless but time-consuming pastime--with each occasion of temptation being an opportunity to call upon God's help in sticking with your plan. Or you may choose to take on an additional activity--daily prayer or Bible reading, exercise, journaling, reading an inspirational book, or service to others--as a means of growing in faith. Be reasonable; quality is the goal, not quantity! As you consider your choice, remember that the purpose of a Lenten discipline is not a nicer, healthier, smarter, better you (though those may be welcome side effects); it is to focus our attention on God and draw closer to God's love.

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